This website contains information about the Japanese Language. We’ve constantly working on sharing knowledge of the Japanese language. We are focusing mainly on vocabulary. You can practice through various quizzes and improve your skills that way. We also provide guides such as our rich Learn Japanese Guide made for beginners who are just starting our learning. We also have written an article on Learn Japanese With Anime and Is Japanese Complicated? Our goal is to provide genuinely good content for our visitors that value the information.

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“I’ve been learning Japanese for almost three years now and still I have a long way to go before I’ll become fluent or can call myself truthfully good at Japanse. With japanesegoi.com I’ll be sharing my learning adventure with you by posting new vocabulary that I’ve learned or learning. Some words can be really difficult to remember because you’re simply not interested in them which is why I am trying to make it fun for myself, and for others at the same time. I hope you find japanesegoi.com beneficial for your Japanese language learning. By the way, if you didn’t know already, goi from the website name means ‘vocabulary’ in Japanese.”

Webmaster, 2016-07-20