Is Japanese Complicated?

Article Image: Is Japanese Complicated?Whenever I get asked if Japanese is complicated, I always answer no. This is because I honestly do find Japanese to be a logically structured language; there is a virtual absence of irregular conjugations and superfluous grammar, the obvious etymology seen through kanji heavily facilitates the memorization of new vocabulary, etc etc.

Yet many Western learners of Japanese seem to struggle in their studies. Why? I believe these difficulties stem from a misconception of how languages actually work, which I’d like to elaborate by referring to Ludwig Wittgenstein’s idea of so-called ‘family resemblance’.

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Words from Manga: One Punch Man

Reading manga (Japanese cartoons) is a great tool for learning and reviewing Japanese vocabulary which is why we’re going to look into the words from manga One Punch Man. Since it is manga, there will be all kinds of themes and storylines. This makes it even more interesting keeping track of what kind of words showing up. For this time, we’ve selected five memorable and fascinating words.

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