String Instruments in Japanese

String Instruments in Japanese, violinist playing the celloFor today’s lesson we are covering more musical instruments in Japanese, which we’ve already done before but this time, we’ve taking on the last missing part, string instruments.

An family for the musical instruments that contains poplar instruments used in orchestra such as violin. We are also giving you a short list of some of the famous traditional Japanese instruments.

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Months in Japanese with kanji

Months in Japanese, a カレンダー (Calender)Today’s lesson is going to be about how to say each months in Japanese with modern and traditional readings. Now this topic doesn’t seem so complex, but what many people don’t know is that there is actually a name for each month, just like in English (January, February and so forth). Instead of just saying number and month, for example: 一月, the first month, meaning January, there is the traditional way.

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Japanese vocabulary from news articles: #2

Part two of the series Japanese vocabulary from news articlesFor today’s lesson we are going to read another news article; this is part two of the Japanese vocabulary from news articles series. From a random selection of recent news articles we picked this one. This is about the car company Toyota regarding the Kumamoto earth quake.

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