Common onomatopoeia words Part 2

We did already covered 10 common onomatopoeia, but we thought it wasn’t enough, so here one 10 more for your vocabulary that we recommend you to try remember.

Meaning Kana Romaji
Smile ニコニコ niko niko
Grin/Smirk ニヤニヤ niya niya
Frustration イライラ ira ira
Fluffy, airy フワフワ fuwa fuwa
Chaotic グチャグチャ gucha gucha
Hungry ペコペコ peko peko
Jumping ピョンピョン pyon pyon
Staringly じろじろ jiro jiro
Sparkle, glitter ピカピカ pika pika
Scatter パラパラ para para

Onomatopoeia Quiz Part 2

Let us see how well you remember the words by taking the quiz.

Question #1: Fluffy, airy

Question #2: Hunger

Question #3: Frustration

Question #4: Sparkle, glitter

Question #5: Staringly

Question #6: Scatter

Question #7: Grin/Smirk

Question #8: Chaotic

Question #9: Jumping

Question #10: Smile