4 Kanji Compounds That Shows One’s Effort

I’ve collected 4 Kanji Compounds for expressive one’s effort that are powerful and great to know for your vocabulary. You can check out the kanji compound page for more interesting ones. This are words found from both 4ji.za-yu and my own dictionary “四字熟語実用辞典”.

#1: 一生懸命

Meaning: With utmost effort, With all one’s might
Reading: いっしょけんめい, isshokenmei
Very famous kanji compound for effort widely used. It often comes up in context of whenever someone is expressing their efforts, or to describe whoever is doing their best. It simply means “with utmost effort” or “with all one’s might”.

Example: 彼は一生懸命に勉強したので志望大学に合格することができた。
He studied as hard as he could and passed the entrance examination to the collage he wanted to go.

#2: 不眠不休

Meaning: Without sleep or rest
Reading: ふみんふきゅう, fuminfukyuu
不眠不休 is a kanji compound that indicates the dedication behind someone’s efforts; that he or she has neither slept or rest. Someone who spends all of his or hers time to put in efforts.

Example: 不眠不休で働く
Work without sleep or rest.

#3: 試行錯誤

Meaning: Trail and error
Reading: しこうさくご, shikousakugo
When a solution is to be nowhere in sight, while doing testing repeatably, a positive reaction shows.

Example: この商品は試行錯誤を重ねて現在のデザインに落ち着いた。
The present design was settled on for this product by trail and error.

#4: 全力投球

Meaning: Devote one’s energy (to)
Reading: ぜんりょくとうきゅう, zenryoku toukyuu
If you observe the kanji separately we’ll se that it contains of 全力 “all one’s power” together with 投球, “trowing a ball”. This creates “devote one’s energy (to)”.

See if you remember these words through the short quiz.