Learn Japanese Guide

Beware this guide is work in progress!

Do you want to learn Japanese as a beginner? Then this is exactly for you. We all start as beginners so it’s only natural. With this Japanese Guide we will hopefully point you in the right direction and provide you with what you need start studying the Japanese language. We will start with explaining parts of the language, then proceed to use the tools provided to allow us to study properly.

Some Aspects of the Japanese Language

Before going all theoretical, how does the language look one might ask. You may have caught glimpses of Japanese through media, or even seen written texts. Let us attempt to give you a brief idea of what the Japanese language consists of.

Learn Japanese Guide Picture of Japan
Photo of Seiganto-ji and the Nachi Waterfall, Japan

For example, Japan uses “Kanji”, a writing system that uses pictographic characters similar to Chinese to represent whole words as a single character, and combine multiple characters to represent more complex objects or actions. Then pronunciation, This depending greatly on where you are from of course, but pronunciation isn’t as complex as Chinese where you have multiple tones. In Japanese pronunciation of words matters (Pitch Accent) instead but not to such great extent that you can call it a tonal language.

There is also different forms of respect-levels you can use to apply for different scenarios through various verb conjugations, prefixes and choice of words. What English also don’t have in the same degree as Japanese is the expressions and emphasis of femininity and masculinity that can be made. Specific words and particles in the end of sentences is something you can hear.

The Japanese language is overall very interesting and that you’ve came here to educate yourself with our Japanese guide pleases us. We hope this guide will find itself useful to you.

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