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Image for Kanji Compounds for Effort

This are kanji from the article "4 Kanji Compounds for Effort".

Image for Katakana

Image for Hiragana

Image for Meals of the day

Learn the vocabulary of meals. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

Image for Train Station

This quiz contains words that are related to stations, more specifically, train stations. Very useful vocabulary since train is a huge part of Japan's communications system.

Image for Means of Transportation

Image for Percussion Instruments

Image for Woodwind Instruments

Image for Brass instruments

Image for Keyboard Instruments

Image for Music Instruments

Image for Vegetables

Image for Fruits

Image for Common Animals

List of some common animals.

Image for Sea animals

The most common animals you can find in the sea. Both in water and on land.

Image for Body Parts

This quiz contains 57 different words for the body. As you go through the quiz, more complicated words will appear.

Image for Days of the week

The days of the week, do you know them?

Image for Clothing

Vocabulary Quiz

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