Basic Japanese words for things found in nature

Let’s learn some basic words for words found in the lovely nature. How you say “nature” in Japanese is 自然 (shizen). We made a list with carefully selected words that will come handy whenever you’re speaking Japanese. Nature is all around us, and is something we should at least know the basic words for, surely. Common words such as stone, mountain, water are words that you already might know, but don’t worry, there is more smaller things in the nature (such as  “moss”, “stump” or “twig”). How deep can you go?  Let’s take a look.

Meaning Kanji Kana Romaji
Coast 海岸 かいがん kaigan
Branch えだ eda
Cliff がけ gake
Earth; soil つち tsuchi
Earthquake 地震 じしん jishin
Field (for fruits, vegetables, etc.) はたけ hatake
Field no
Flower 草花 くさばな kusabana
Forest もり mori
Grass くさ kusa
Woods はやし hayashi
Hill 小山 こやま koyama
Island しま shima
Leaf 葉っぱ はっぱ happa
Moss こけ koke
Mud どろ doro
Ocean 海洋 かいよう kaiyou
Garden 庭園 ていえん teien
Plant 植物 しょくぶつ shokubutsu
Pond いけ ike
River (traditional) かわ kawa
Rock いわ iwa
Sea うみ umi
Sky そら sora
Twig 小枝 こえだ koeda
Stump 切り株 きりかぶ kirikabu
Tree,wood ki
Top of a waterfall 滝口 たきぐち takiguchi
Wave なみ nami