Basic Military words in Japanese

Basic Military words in Japanese: Image of American soldiers (amerika guntai)

Let us take a look at some of the most common military words in Japanese. Do you know how to say the different common military services? Well if not, this is the lesson for you! We will be going through some words such as weapons, military army and so forth.

These words can be interesting to learn since it’s something that can come up in the news quite often. Hopefully they don’t appear too often, but they sure are useful to know. Another set of yet basic but useful words for your Japanese vocabulary. Key kanji here is 軍 (ぐん) which means army and 隊 (たい) which also has a similar meaning; party, team, corps.

Meaning Kanji Kana Romaji
Military affairs 軍事 ぐんじ gunji
Fight 戦う たたかう tatakau
War 戦争 せんそう sensou
Weapons, Arms 兵器 へいき heiki
Troops 軍隊 ぐんたい guntai
Military unit 部隊 ぶたい butai
Cavelry 騎兵 きへい kihei
Navy 海軍 かいぐん kaigun
Marine corps 海兵隊 かいへいぐん kaiheigun
Infantry 歩兵 ほへい hohei
Fusillade 一斉射撃 いっせいしゃげき isseishageki
Air force 空軍 くうぐん kuugun
Bayonet 銃剣 じゅうけん juuken
Soldier 軍人 ぐんじん gunjin
Soldier 兵士 へいし heishi
Parachute troops 空挺隊員、挺進兵、落下傘兵 くうていたいいん, ていしんへい, らっかさんへい kuuteitaiin, teishinhei, rakkasanhei
Weapon 武器 ぶき buki
Ammunition 弾薬 だんやく danyaku