Common onomatopoeia words Part 1

There are thousands of different onomatopoeia words. We want to introduce some basic words of onomatopoeia. Onomatopoeia is a big part of the language, words that mimic other sounds such as animals, weather, feelings, actions, anything really. Since it’s a lot of them, it’s not always easy to know which one the sound is describing. We made a list of the most common and useful words according to us.

擬声語 (ぎせいご) – onomatopoeia.

Meaning Kana Romaji
Barely, at the last minute ぎりぎり giri giri
Sparkling, glittering きらきら kirakira
Heart beating ドキドキ doki doki
Thunder ゴロゴロ goro goro
Gentle (e.g. rain falling gently) シトシト shito shito
Clapping hands パチパチ pachi pachi
pouring down (rain) ザーザー za za
Procrastinate (haltingly) ぐずぐず guzu guzu
Excited わくわく waku waku
Relief ホッと hotto [suru]

Question #1: Barely, at the last minute

Question #2: Clapping hands

Question #3: Relief

Question #4: Excited

Question #5: Heart beating

Question #6: Thunder

Question #7: Gentle (e.g. rain falling gently)

Question #8: barely, at the last minute

Question #9: pouring down (rain)

Question #10: Procrastinate (haltingly)