The Four Seasons in Japanese

The Four Seasons in Japanese: picture of Aki (秋) fallFor this lesson we are going to take a look into the four seasons in Japanese, and find out what words there are around these seasons.

In Japanese there is even a word for saying all the seasons as one word 春夏秋冬 (しゅんかしゅうとう) which is quite unique.  What is great with this word is that if you memorize the word しゅんかしゅうとう, you get four seasons kanji with their onyoumi reading for free. That said, memorizing that word can be really useful for other words. Saying four seasons can be said with 四季 (しき).

Meaning Kanji Kana Romaji
Spring はる haru
Summer なつ natsu
Fall あき aki
Winter ふゆ fuyu
The four seasons (spring, summer, autum, winter) 春夏秋冬 しゅんかしゅうとう shunkashuutou
Four seasons 四季 しき shiki
Season 季節 季節 kisetsu

The Four Season in Japanese Quiz

Question #1: What is the kanji for Summer?

Question #2: What is the kanji for Winter?

Question #3: What is the kanji for Fall?

Question #4: What is the kanji for Spring?

Question #5: How do you say: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter (4 kanji word)