Japanese words for religion

Japanese words for religion: picture of a church Today’s lesson is going to be Japanese words for religion. We are focusing on the most simple words as ordinary. We’ve assembled a list of some of the words regarding religion that we thought could be good to know for you.

The biggest religions in the world in Japanese

First off, let us introduce the biggest religions in the world. These are Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Chinese folk religion as seen below.

Meaning Kanji Kana Romaji
Christianity クリスト教 くりすときょう kurisuto kyou
Islam イスラム教 いすらむきょう isuramu kyou
Hinduism ヒンドゥー教 ひんどぅーきょう hindo~ū kyou
Shenism (Chinese folk religion) 伝統宗教, 神教 伝統宗教, しんきょう dentoushuukyou, shinkyou
Buddhism 仏教 ぶっきょう bukkyou

Simple Japanese words for religion

Down below is the complete list of words relating to any of these religions. However, we specified on religion Christianity (クリスト教) since that is the biggest one, and the most suitable for the English readers. There are many interesting words within the vocabulary of religion. One word, or kanji, that can be confusing is 主. It simply doesn’t just mean king (王(おう)) but can also mean Lord for referring to Jesus or God within context of Christianity.

Meaning Kanji Kana Romaji
Religion 宗教 しゅうきょう shuukyou
Church 教会 きょうかい kyoukai
Temple お寺 おてら otera
Believer 信者 しんじゃ shinja
Follower 信奉者 しんぽうしゃ shinpousha
Fanatical Believer 狂信者 きょうしんしゃ kyoushinsha
(the) Buddha 仏陀 ぶっだ budda
Buddhist image 仏像 ぶつぞう butsuzou
large statue of Buddha 大仏 だいぶつ daibutsu
Jesus イエス, 王 いえす, しゅ iesu, shu
Deliverer, Messiah (Christianity) 救世主 きゅうせいしゅ kyuuseishu
Lord (referring to Jesus or God) しゅ shu
The (Holy) Bible 聖書 せいしょ seisho
God かみ kami
God’s blessing 神の恵み かみのめぐみ kami no megumi
the Holy Spirit 聖霊 せいれい seirei
Praise, worship 賛美(する) さんび sanbi
Worship 崇拝 すうはい suuhai
Faith, belief 信仰 しんこう shinkou
Angel 天使 てんし tenshi
Devil 悪魔 あくま akuma
Cross, crucifix 十字架 じゅうじか juujika
Holy 神聖な しんせいな shinseina
Holy, sacred 聖なる せいなる seinaru
Saint 聖人 せいじん seijin
Atheism 無神論 むしんろん mushinron
Atheist 無神論者 むしんろんしゃ mushinronsha
Curse 呪い のろい noroi
Fallen angel 堕天使 だてんし datenshi