Japanese words from website niconico

NICO NICO icon imageNavigating through Japanese websites can be tiring when you never grasp the meaning behind each page which is why we did some research of Japanese words from website niconico.

Niconico is a big video-sharing platform that is very popular in Japan, in fact the eighth most visited website according to Alexa. By investing in some simple research using this guide, it will become much clearer and easier to get around and not to mention more genuine since that is the website’s original language.

Obviously the easiest would be to not change the language settings at all for understanding better, but that would kill the purpose of learning. Support for switching languages can be found at the bottom of the site. Give it a try after this lesson.

The formal name of the website is ニコニコ動画 (nico nico douga) literally meaning smile videos.


Let us explore what words are being used on the front page on the main menu. Listed are two main services: video and live broadcasting along with their category-tags.

Nionico categories

niconico categories
Meaning Kanji Kana
Service サービス
Video 動画 どうが
Entertainment ・ Music エンタメ・音楽 えんため・おんがく
Life ・ General ・ Sports 生活・一般・スポ せいかつ・いっぱん・すぽ
Politics 政治 せいじ
Science ・ Art 科学・技術 かがく・ぎじゅつ
Anime ・ Games ・ Pictures アニメ・ゲーム・絵 あにめ・げーむ・え
Other その他 そのた
Live broadcast 生放送 なまほうそう
Program listing 番組表 ばんぐみひょう
Common 一般 いっぱん
Attempted やってみた
Games ゲーム げーむ
Video Introduction 動画紹介 どうがしょうかい
Showing one’s face 顔出し かおだし
Waiting 凸待ち とつまち

Most of these are pretty straight forward but there are some things that are worth paying attention to.

  • In this context 生 means “live”,  as in“live broadcast” (生放送). Another place you can see this kanji in for example is in raw/fresh fish 生魚. Not too far off “live” in broadcast.
  • スポ. This is an shorter way of saying スポーツ.
  • エンタメ is short for インターテインメント.


Last item from the broadcasting services category tags is “凸待ち”. This is short for 突撃待ち, literately meaning “waiting for a sudden attack”, as in waiting for someone to call. This word is referring to an expression called 電話突撃取材 that has it roots from a forum board called 2chan. This became abbreviated in this order:「電話突撃」→「電突」→「電凸」.

Meaning behind 電凸

電凸 or more easier understood 電話突撃, have the meaning “sudden phone attack”, these are phone calls made by media or journalists who speak for the people or an independent person. Targets can be organisations, cooperatives, mass media, religious groups, government, or a politicians and so forth.

Sources are (Japanese pages): wikipedia and nicovideo.

General sentences
Meaning Phrase
Latest submitted videos 最近投稿された動画
Latest videos with translation 最近翻訳がついた動画
User recomeded selection ユーザーおすすめセレクション
Recomendedad videos オススメ動画
User live broadcasts ユーザー生放送
Rank by region 地域別ランキング
Global ranking グローバルランキング
Profile page
Meaning Word
My lists マイリスト
Favorites お気に入り
Submitted videos 投稿動画
Viewed history 視聴履歴
Account settings アカウント設定
Header: follow ヘッダー:追従
Header: fixed ヘッダー:固定
Help ヘルプ
Logout ログアウト
Video page
Meaning Word
Plays 再生
Comments コメ
My lists マイ
Advertisement 宣伝