Pains in Japanese

Pains in Japanese: Kangofu (nurse)For today’s lesson we’re going to look into how you can express yourself saying that you have pain somewhere, in Japanese.

If you have a headache for example, how can you say that in Japanese? This are examples we are going to expand on and learn more about.

Typical pains

If you want to express your pain in Japanese, 痛い (いたい)is your to-go adjective (hurting). Put whatever that is hurting before 痛い. This is used to say your head, back, leg or anything that hurts. The kanji is not exclusive for pains only but can also be seen in diseases and so forth. Some examples are うつ病 (うつびょう) meaning clinical depression or 糖尿病(とうにょうびょう)meaning diabetes. For this lesson we will stay to the more simple pain side of this kanji. The word pain in Japanese is 痛み(いたみ). Depending on context there are many ways to say pain, but the more general translation would be 痛み. A medical term for pain is 疼痛(とうつう).

Typical pains in Japanese
Meaning Kanji Kana Romaji
My head hurts 頭が痛い あたまがいたい atamagaitai
My eyes feel itchy 目が痒い めがかゆい megakayui
My back is hurting 腰が痛い こしがいたい koshigaitai
My ears are sore 耳が痛い みみがいたい mimigaitai
My teeth hurt 歯が痛い はがいたい hagaitai
My arm is sore 腕が痛い うでがいたい udegaitai
My stomach hurts お腹が痛い おなかがいたい onakagaitai
I cut my finger 指を切る ゆびをきる yubiwokiru
I have a runny nose 鼻水が出る はなみずがでる hanamizugaderu
I had a bloody nose 鼻血が出た はなぢがでた hanadjigadeta
I have a dry throat 喉が渇く のどがかわく nodogakawaku
I twisted my ankle 足首を挫く あしくびがくじく ashikubigakujiku
I have cramp in my leg 足がつる あしがつる ashigatsuru
I got a scratch on my knee 膝に擦り傷がある ひざにすりきず hizanisurikizu
I got a scar scratch on my arm 腕に傷跡がある うでにくずあと udenikuzuato
I have a slight injury in the chest 胸に軽い傷を負う むねにかるいきずをおう munenikaruikizu

More relating words, but kanji jukugo

Note: 漢字熟語(かんじじゅくご) means compound kanji. Words that can be formed with two or more kanji written together.

By simply comparing the two tables, we can understand that the kanji for painful, 痛い, has the onyoumi reading ツウ. By putting together head, tooth or back with 痛 it will form a new word such as: headache, toothache etc.

Meaning Kanji Kana Romaji
Headache 頭痛 ずつう zutsuu
Migraine 片頭痛 へんずつう henzutsuu
Toothache 歯痛 しつう shitsuu
Fever 熱, 熱病 ねつ, ねつびょう netsu, netsubyou
Cold 風邪 かぜ kaze
Back pain 腰痛 ようつう youtsuu
Stomach ache 腹痛 ふくつう fukutsuu
Sprain (ankle, wrist etc) 捻挫する ねんざする nenzasuru

More related words

Meaning Kanji Kana Romaji
Sickness 病気 びょうき byouki
Hospital 病院 びょういん byouin
Clinic 診療所 しんりょうしょ, クリニック shinryousho, kurinikku
Doctor お医者さん おいしゃさん oisha-san
Physician 内科医 ないかい naikai
Surgeon 外科医 げかい gekai
Dentist 歯科医 しかい shikai
Hospital female nurse 看護婦さん かんごふさん kangofu-san
Hospital nurse 看護師さん かんごしさん kangoshi-san
Female midwife 助産婦 じょさんぷ josanpu
Midwife 助産師 じょさんし josanshi
Obstetrician 産科医 さんかい sankai
Pregnancy 妊娠 にんしん ninshin
Delivery 出産 しゅっさん shussan
Prescription 処方箋 しょほうせん shohoosen
Medical certificate 診断書 しんだんしょ shindansho
Operation 手術 しゅじゅつ shujutsu
Medicine くすり kusuri
Antibiotics 抗生物質 こうせいぶっしつ kouseibusshitsu
Injection 注射 ちゅうしゃ chuusha
Pain killer 鎮痛剤 ちんつうざい chintsuuzai
Pulse 脈拍 みゃくはく myakuhaku