The World Continents

Let’s learn how to say the world’s continents in Japanese. Some geographers list the continents as six only, but by convention there are seven. Reason why some geographers are only saying there are six is because of the big solid land mass between Europe and Asia, what makes Eurasia. We are choosing to what seems to be the most typical by most people, the world’s seven continents.


Continents of the world in Japanese
Name Kanji Kana Rōmaji
 Asia 亜細亜 アジア ajia
 Africa 阿弗利加 アフリカ afurika
North America 北亜米利加 きたアメリカ kita amerika
South America 南亜米利加 みなみアメリカ minami amerika
 Antarctica 南極大陸 なんきょくたいりく nankyokutairiku
 Europe 欧羅巴 ヨーロッパ yōroppa
 Oceania 阿西亜尼亜 オセアニア oseania

Worth to note is that nowadays you don’t actually write Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Europe or Oceania with kanji. Knowing these kanji doesn’t hurt though I’d say, perfect if you wanna show your brilliant kanji skills.