Words from Manga: One Punch Man

Reading manga (Japanese cartoons) is a great tool for learning and reviewing Japanese vocabulary which is why we’re going to look into the words from manga One Punch Man. Since it is manga, there will be all kinds of themes and storylines. This makes it even more interesting keeping track of what kind of words showing up. For this time, we’ve selected five memorable and fascinating words.

These words are taken out directly from the One Punch Man manga created by Yusuke Murata, volume 3. Most of the words are from intense action scenes which we thought would be worth sharing since its great impact. Reading manga can sometimes give you some insight information of the Japanese vocabulary you wouldn’t normally get (such as from university class, fundamental Japanese learning books) which makes them much more than just entertainment. It can be great to have entertainment and learning tools together. Let us begin looking through the five words we’ve selected.

Words from Manga One Punch Man: bakuretsu

1. 爆裂! Explosive Burst!

Definition on Goo (goo.ne.jp) 爆発して破裂すること。
Reading this word in a big action scene made it very enthralling just seeing these powerful  two kanjis together. 爆 meaning explosion and 裂 meaning tear, they both becomes something along the lines of explosive split. Also, 手裏剣 means throwing-knife.

裂ける (さける) split, tear, rip.
爆ぜる (はぜる) burst open, pop. For example, a chestnut popped: 栗の実が爆ぜた. The writing for 爆ぜる doesn’t usually include it’s kanji. It is not common.

Words from Manga One Punch Man: unaguru

2. 殴るぞ! I will punch you!

殴る (なぐる)  have the meaning hit or punch. The ぞ particle makes the statement Saitama (the character) stronger, with more certainty. The particle is used to emphasize on said word or phrase as well.

Words from Manga One Punch Man: kisama

3. 今日は貴様を・・・ Today, you shall…

貴様 – rude form for you. It’s also used between enemies and is usually said by Japanese males when angry. This moment (from the picture above to the right) is really funny when reading were Sonic is saying today is the day he will kill Saitama. “今日は貴様を・・・殺・・・”. However, Saitama doesn’t care and walks away leaving a comment along the lines of “sorry but right now I’m too busy, so maybe another time” interrupting Sonic.

Words from Manga One Punch Man: kisama

4. 潰す Crush

潰す (つぶす) means to crush.
Kanji 潰 has the meanings of: crush, smash, break, dissipate. Onyoumi reading: カイ、 エ. Example of crush can be used, 足で踏みつけて空き缶を潰す。 Which translates as stomp an empty can flat.
In this moment, this enemy are saying confidently “in this industry there is a so called rookie-crusher.

Words from Manga One Punch Man: kaijin

5. 怪人 Mystery person

Goo definition: 正体不明の、不思議な人物。
Meaning of 怪人 is simply mystery person. As seen in the definition, it is synonymous with unidentifiable character and mysterious character. Throughout of this manga this word were used a frequently, and probably in other mangas as well. Another word using the 怪 kanji often as well is 怪物 (かいぶつ) meaning monster.