Guide on using YouTube in Japanese

YouTube-logo-full_colorWe’ve previously introduced, this time it’s take on YouTube in Japanese language setting. By changes this settings you’ll surely get more used to Japanese.

First things first, at the bottom of the YouTube website you have the option to change languages to whatever you want. Look at the button where it says Language: English (See image) and click it. Then the supported languages will be shown were you can select Japanese (日本語). With our guide we hope you’ll come familiar with the vocabulary used on the site and learn new words this way.

Let’s explore the main menu which is in fact a very simple one with only a few links. The icons of each option gives away the meaning, but it doesn’t tell us the reading of each word.


main menu

Meaning Kanji Kana Romaji
Home ホーム ho-mu
My channel マイ チャンネル maichaneru
Sudden rise (trending) 急上昇 kyuujoushou
Subscribed channels 登録チャンネル touroku chaneru
History 履歴 rireki
Watch later 後で見る あとでみる atode miru
Libery ライブラリ raiburai
View channels チャンネル一覧 ちゃねるいちらん chaneruichiran
Manage subscriber list 登録リストを管理 とうろくリストをかんり touroku risuto wo kanri

Video page


Meaning Kanji Kana Romaji
Registed 登録済み とうろくすみ tourokusumi
Subscribtion Cancellation 登録解除 とうろくかいじょ tourokukaijo
Channel Registation (subscribe) チャンネル登録 チャネルとうろく chaneru touroku
See more もっと見る motto miru
Category カテゴリ kategori
Licence ライセンス raisensu


Under each video there is options to add your video to playlists or share it. Third button is for other (その他), where you can select to report (報告) video, or to see text-to-speech (文字起こし) and statistics information (統計情報).

Meaning Kanji Kana Romaji
Add 追加 ついか tsuika
Share 共有 きょうゆう kyuuyuu
Other その他 そのほか sonohoka

Comment section

As seen from the image above. We can learn that there are order options, time stamps and reply functionality.

Meaning Kanji Kana Romaji
Seconds ago 秒前 びょうまえ byoumae
Minutes ago 分前 ぶんまえ bunmae
Hours ago 時間前 じかんまえ jikanmae
Days ago 日前 にちまえ nichimae
Weeks ago 週間前 しゅうかんまえ shuukanmae
Months ago か月前 かげつまえ kagetsumae
Years ago 年間前 ねんかんまえ nenkanmae
Reply 返信 へんしん henshin
Open to the public 公開 こうかい koukai
Order by rating 評価順 ひょうかじゅん hyouka jun
Order by new 新しい順 あたらしいじゅん atarashii jun
Number of comments コメント数 コメントすう komentosuu



Channel menu on YouTube
What is somewhat interesting is that in the Japanese version “discussion” translates as free talk, フリートーク.

Home ホーム ho-mu
Videos 動画 douga
Playlist 再生リスト saisei risuto
Channels チャンネル chaneru
Free talk フリートーク fri-to-ku
Brief overview 概要 gaiyou
Number of views 視聴回数 しちょうかいすう shichoukaisuu
Creator 作成者 さくせいしゃ sakuseisha