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July 13


Meaning: without sleep or rest

Kanji: 不眠不休

Kana: ふみんふきゅう

Romaji: fuminfukyuu

July 11


Meaning: Complete Collapse; (something) going to pieces (breaking up beyond repair)

Kanji: 土崩瓦解

Kana: どほうがかい

Romaji: dohougakai

July 8


Meaning: Self-Reliance

Kanji: 独立独歩

Kana: どくりつどっぽ

Romaji: dokuritsudoppo

July 7


Meaning: Beauties of Nature; the traditional themes of natural beauty in Japanese aesthetics

Kanji: 花鳥風月

Kana: かちょうふうげつ

Romaji: kachoufuugetsu

July 6


Meaning: Persecution Complex

Kanji: 被害妄想

Kana: ひがいもうそう

Romaji: higaimousou

July 5


Meaning: Made with elegance and vitality.

Kanji: 気韻生動

Kana: きいんせいどう

Romaji: kiinseidou

Example: Painting and calligraphic works and such have elegance and character. The work show a dynamic and uplifting feeling made vividly.

July 4


Meaning: Hearth, sunken hearth

Kanji: 囲炉裏

Kana: いろり

Romaji: irori

July 3


Meaning: Untimely and useless thing

Kanji: 夏炉冬扇

Kana: かろとうせん

Romaji: karotousen

Example: When it is summer the fireplace becomes useless, when it is winter the side fan becomes useless. Such is the meaning of this word, because the things is not useful for it's season.

July 2


Meaning: Scenic Beauty

Kanji: 山紫水明

Kana: さんしすいめい

Romaji: sanshisuimei

Example: Mountains being illuminated by the sun in hazy violet color, floods and lakes are pure and clear.

July 1


Meaning: Play all for nothing

Kanji: 乾坤一擲

Kana: けんこんいってき

Romaji: kenkonitteki