Common Words in Anime and Manga Vocabulary Words List

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You (used for people under you) - kisama

You (used for people under you) - 貴様

Kanji: 貴様, Kana: きさま, Romaji: kisama

Why? - nande,naze

Why? - なんで,なぜ

Kanji: 何で,何故, Kana: なんで,なぜ, Romaji: nande,naze

What is the matter? - doushita

What is the matter? - どうした

Kana: どうした, Romaji: doushita

What does it mean? - douiu koto

What does it mean? - どういうこと?

Kana: どういうこと, Romaji: douiu koto

I will kill you! - koroshiteyaru

I will kill you! - ころしてやる

Kana: ころしてやる, Romaji: koroshiteyaru

Idiot! - baka,bakayarou

Idiot! - ばか,ばかやろう

Kana: ばか,ばかやろう, Romaji: baka,bakayarou

For real? - majika

For real? - マジか

Kana: まじか, Romaji: majika

This will do - koredeii

This will do - これでいい

Kana: これでいい, Romaji: koredeii

Damn it! for Christs Sake! - chikushou

Damn it! for Christs Sake! - ちくしょう

Kana: ちくしょう, Romaji: chikushou

What are you doing?! - naniyattendayo

What are you doing?! - 何やってんだよ

Kana: なにやってんだよ, Romaji: naniyattendayo