Kanji Compounds for Effort Vocabulary Words List

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With utmost effort,With all one’s might - isshokenmei

With utmost effort,With all one’s might - 一所懸命

Kanji: 一所懸命, Kana: いっしょうけんめい, Romaji: isshokenmei

Without sleep or rest - fuminfukyuu

Without sleep or rest - 不眠不休

Kanji: 不眠不休, Kana: ふみんふきゅう, Romaji: fuminfukyuu

Trail and error - shikousakugo

Trail and error - 試行錯誤

Kanji: 試行錯誤, Kana: しこうさくご, Romaji: shikousakugo

Devotes ones energy (to) - zenryokutoukyuu

Devotes ones energy (to) - 全力投球

Kanji: 全力投球, Kana: ぜんりょくとうきゅう, Romaji: zenryokutoukyuu