How would you say the months in Japanese? We’ve listed the different ways below. In modern times in Japanese, you don’t have names for each months as like in English. You would just say “first month” or “second month”, just with numbers together with the month kanji (月), for example: 1月 (January).

Chart of the months

English Kanji w/ number Hiragana Romaji
January 一月 1月 いちがつ ichigatsu
February 二月 2月 にがつ nigatsu
March 三月 3月 さんがつ sangatsu
April 四月 4月 しがつ shigatsu
May 五月 5月 ごがつ gogatsu
June 六月 6月 ろくがつ rokugatsu
July 七月 7月 しちがつ shichigatsu
August 八月 8月 はちがつ hachigatsu
September 九月 9月 くがつ kugatsu
October 十月 10月 じゅうがつ jūgatsu
November 十一月 11月 じゅういちがつ jūichigatsu
December 十二月 12月 じゅうにがつ jūnigatsu

Old way of saying the months

English Kanji Hiragana Romaji Meaning
January 睦月 むつき Mutsuki Month of harmony
February 如月 きさらぎ kisaragi Month of wearing extra layers of clothes
March 弥生 やよい yayoi Month of growth
April 卯月 うずき uzuki Month of Deutzia (unohana)
May 皐月 さつき satsuki Month of planting rice sprouts
June 水無月 みなづき mina zuki Month of no water
July 文月 ふづき fuzuki Month of literary
August 葉月 はづき wa zuki Month of leaves
September 長月 ながつき na ga tsuki Autumn long month
October 神無月 かんなづき kanna zuki Month of no Gods
November 霜月 しもつき shimo tsuki Month of frost
December 師走 しわす shiwasu Month of running priests